Hey there! If you've made it this far you are clearly curious as to who I am and what I am about.
Well, my name is Evan Piper. I am a graphic designer with years of experience in the business both in a marketing aspect and production facility. I spent several years as a prepress technician between two different print houses where I learned and adapted my skillset towards the final production part of the design process. My duties ranged from color correction and calibration to signature and spread layouts. Our team worked hand-in-hand with the press operators and bindery teams to ensure that each client's design was properly conveyed from screen to paper. We were the funnel for all the companies projects and thus our work was vital, not to mention specific.
After years as a prepress technician I moved into full-time design positions, first with a high-end interior design and furniture company. As the sole, in-house designer I was responsible for everything from social media management and creative, to collateral layout and printing. This is also where I got my first taste of website management and design. Using WordPress as the primary hosting platform, I was in charge of all three of our company's websites which included an e-commerce element as one of the sites had a catelog of numerous casegood furniture items. After this I moved into the non-profit industry where I joined the marketing team for a large conservation foundation. It was here my creative muscles would grow exponentially, as I am not only responsible for all marketing related creative, but my position also handles creative requests from all other departments. In addition, this position also manages all five of the organization's websites. From signage to digital assets, from web to print. This position pretty much covers it all.
Graphic design has been a huge focal point for me for many years but it's not everything. I spend my free time with those closest to me, as I believe time is one commodity we can never buy more of, or get back once it's gone. From time at the lake to game nights, any excuse to be with family and loved ones is good enough for me. When I am not with them I am a casual PC gamer and avid movie lover. I also thoroughly love the art of story telling, whether thats through traditional media or more abstract and niche avenues. Stories are part of what makes humans unique and special, our ability to retell old tales from days gone by, or imagine entire new worlds that never existed before. Imagination is something that I firmly believe is important for all of us to tap into, from time to time. Not just children. It's a unique gift that God has granted to humanity and I feel its an utter shame to waste it.
Now that you have a better picture of who I am, if I am someone you would like to do business with I would love to sit and chat with you about your goals and needs. I consider myself exteremly easy to talk to but I also am passionate about providing the best possible product I can to my clients. If you are interested in working with me, please head over the "Contact Form" and send me a message. I would be thrilled to discuss with you what you might be looking for, and how I can best help.
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